Sunday 13 October, 2002

2002 UROC SuperCrawl

2002 UROC SuperCrawl

October 9th – 12th, 2002: We made the trek down to Farmington, New Mexico for this year’s UROC SuperCrawl. The seven hour journey was well worth it. We were able to see the competitors tackle the obstacles in Chokecherry Canyon on Friday and Saturday. There were many modified rigs including Toyotas, Jeeps, Suzukis, and many others. There were also an equal number of custom built tubular rigs that crawled the rocks with ease. Rockcrawlers from Iceland, Italy, Canada, Israel, and the USA battled for first place in the SuperCrawl. The obstacles that were set up for this event were some of the meanest we’ve seen. The majority involved slick, steep climbs with multiple ledges. This proved to supply the eager crowd with rollovers on almost every obstacle. Some of the more technical obstacles involved steep turns and spring contorting lines, showing the spectators just what the rigs were capable of. Amy Bulloch won the Legends Class with 45 points while Ken Shupe took the Unlimited Class title with only 9 points. The complete results, along with more information about this event can be found on the UROC website at Check out the pictures below to see just what this event was all about.

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