HD Clutch Kit, 3.4L Conversion


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This Marlin Crawler Heavy Duty Clutch Kit is a huge step above stock clutches, and unlike other aftermarket clutches, is designed specifically for Rock-Crawling and Off Road. We have found this to be an excellent clutch for a 5VZ-FE swap that sees light to heavy off-road use, while still offering a comfortable driving experience.

This is a clutch that offers excellent longevity, smooth pedal pressure for those long days on the trail, and a high torque rating for a sure engagement every time.

If you are using an R150 or R151 transmission from an ’86-’95 Pickup/4Runner 3.0L 3VZ-E or 22R-TE application, select the ‘3VZ Release Bearing’. If you are using an R150 transmission from a 3.4L 5VZ –FE application, select the ‘5VZ Release Bearing’.

All kits feature new parts. This Heavy Duty kit features a 1,200 ft-lb pressure plate, which is a step up from the stock clutch, which is rated 900 ft-lb.

Each Kit Includes:

  • NachiHeavy Duty 1,200 ft-lb Pressure Plate
  • 33% higher load rating than stock
  • Heavy Duty Metallic Clutch Disc
  • Japanese Release Bearing
  • Pilot Bearing
  • Alignment Tool

SECO Clutch Disc

  • SecoCo-designed in Japan with AISIN
  • Preferred over AISIN disks because…
  • AISIN uses plastic spring retainers
  • AISIN uses single springs
  • SECO features a Robust Double-Spring Design
  • Heavy duty spring design tames heavy shocks or loads
  • Excellent heat and wear resistance
  • Circumferential grooves & nickel coated splines
  • Proudly using SECO disks for 10+ years

AISIN Clutch Cover

  • AisinHeat treated diaphragm spring
  • Hot-setting process reduces load fatigue
  • Ribbed spring improves clutch-release
  • Features DST (Diaphragm Spring Turnover) for improved clutch-release

NOTE: This product is normally in stock, however, availability can vary. If your order is time-sensitive, contact ORS before ordering to ensure availability.


Do not rely on the ‘Flywheel-side” markings on this clutch disc, they may not be correct. You MUST follow the provided install notes (or Toyota’s installation directions) for the 5VZ-FE application and use the proper disc orientation specific to this application.

For example, if our disc we sent to you for your 3.4-liter 5VZ-FE Tacoma/4Runner/T100/Tundra is marked as “FW SIDE”, you must follow the Factory Specifications which places the raised flange side of the disk into your flywheel, regardless of this marking. The disc can be installed backwards (facing away from the flywheel) and the truck can be driven this way. But because the release bearing will push the pressure plate fingers into the incorrectly installed and backward-facing raised flange of the disc, it will cause the disc to undergo forward lateral flex which will greatly accelerate disk wear resulting in premature disk failure. Off Road Solutions and Marlin Crawler cannot be held responsible for improper installation of clutch components.

Please follow the below diagram to properly position your clutch disc as per Toyota’s own specification.

FSM Clutch Install

This is a direct scan from a Toyota Factory Service Manual (FSM).

Installation Instructions


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