FROR Twin-Stick

Front Range Off-Road Tacoma Twin-Stick

Modifying the T-case

  1. Remove the shifter, speedometer wire, and unplug other indicator wires from case. Remove the t-case from the vehicle, after draining.
  2. Remove the 30mm rear output nut.
  3. Remove the 5 bolt tailhousing.
  4. Remove the snap ring on the rear bearing. And take out the 12 8mm holding the case halves together
  5. Remove the 2 detent plugs, springs and balls from the top side of the case.
  6. Carefully pull out the left side shift rail. Grind the tip of the lever, approximately 1/8” cube that overlaps the right side shift rail.
  7. Reinstall the lever after grinding.
  8. Assemble case, leaving out the Interlock pin. This 10mm pin rides between the detents and may still be in the rear case.


Installing the Twin-Stick

  1. After installing the t-case into the truck, test fit the shifter into the case. Check clearances with other shifters.
  2. Remove shifter, and bend levers as needed. Do not grip the levers below the pivot. They must be held above the pivot to avoid damage.
  3. Repeat fitting, and bending as needed, until proper fit is found.


Sealing the Twin-Stick

  1. Remove the breather and 90 degree fitting. Teflon tape or sealant must be applied to the threads of each, and reinstalled.
  2. Apply a small mount of silicone sealant to the backside of the nut, and underside of the ½” bolt head. Tighten this bolt just over finger tight, lining up the flats with the base plate.
  3. Apply silicone to the base of the shifter block, and install to the shifter base plate, then tighten the ¼” socket head bolts.
  4. Finally silicone the top of the t-case, and install the shifter using the factory hardware.


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