FROR Twin-Stick

Front Range Off-Road Truck/4Runner Twin-Stick

Transfer Case Modification

  1. Shift into 4HI.
  2. Remove stock shifter, and t-case from vehicle.
  3. Remove steel cover, or shifter base from top of t-case.
  4. Carefully drive out the roll pin in the left side shift rail. Be careful not to drop this pin into the case. Grabbing the pin with needle nose locking pliers can help.
  5. Remove the detent plug, spring, and ball from the left side of the case with a 6mm hex wrench.
  6. Slide the left rail forward, until you can see then end of it through the top of the case.
  7. Tip the case to the left side, and wait until the Interlock Pin falls out the detent hole.
  8. Assemble the case in the reverse order.
  9. Install the t-case into the vehicle.


Installing the Twin-Stick Shifter

  1. Test fit the assembled shifter as it comes in the box.
  2. Check for full range of motion, and clearance from other shifters.
  3. If needed, remove the shifter, and bend the levers. The levers must be placed in a vise, and held at the base of the lever. DO NOT CLAMP THE PIVOT OR TIP TO BEND! Reassemble shifter and check fit. Repeat until everything fits how you like it.


Sealing the Shifter

  1. Remove the breather and 90 degree fitting. Teflon tape or sealant must be applied to the threads of each, then tightened.
  2. Apply a small amount of silicone sealant to the underside of the ½” pivot bolt head, and backside of nut. Tighten this bolt just over finger tight, and so the flats line up with the bottom of the Shifter Block.
  3. Apply silicone to the base of the shifter block, and install it to the shifter base, tightening the ¼” hex head bolts.
  4. Finally, silicone the top of the t-case, and install the shifter using the factory 8mm bolts.


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