Tacoma In-Cab Cage Kit

Tacoma In-Cab Cage Kit (Non-Assembled)

‘95-’04 Tacoma X-cab

Congratulations on your purchase! IMPORTANT: Please read ALL instructions completely before beginning. The customer is responsible for the fit and finish of this product. The customer is also responsible for informing ORS of any and all problems BEFORE beginning installation.

The installation of this kit requires fabrication and welding skills. The installer should be skilled and familiar with welding, cutting, grinding and fitting tubes. This kit should also be installed with a welder using a 220-volt power source. We recommend MIG or TIG welding.

Here is a list of what is included in the kit:

  • B-Pillar hoop
  • C-Pillar hoop (shorter)
  • Passenger side A-Pillar
  • Driver side A-Pillar
  • Front center cross tube
  • Center runner
  • 4 x Rear stringer
  • 6 x Foot plate
  • 24 x 3/8” x 1.25” bolt
  • 24 x 3/8” lock washer
  • 24 x 3/8” nut
  • 48 x 3/8” washer
  • 10 x 3/8” large washer
Tacoma In-Cab Cage Kit

Tacoma In-Cab Cage Kit

Before completion, ORS highly recommends fully welding all joints, even around the top, against the roof. For this reason, we recommend pre-assembling the cage before installing the foot plates on the bottom of the tubes. Here are a couple of ways we have found to do this:

After assembling and tack welding the entire cage, cut holes in the floor below the mounting tubes and lower the cage through the holes. This allows welder access to the top of the joints. After fully welding, the cage can be pulled back into place, and the floor repaired. At this time, the foot plates can be fully welded. If using this method, be sure to repair the floor as strong or stronger than it was before the cut, the cage will be mounted to these locations. We think this is a great time to upgrade the mounting points!


After assembling and tack welding the entire cage, decide at what joints the cage can be “broken-down”. The cage should remain as assembled as possible. Weld as much as possible on the remaining joints. Break apart the cage at the desired joints and remove from vehicle. Finish welding all possible joints. Re-assemble the cage in the truck. Move the cage around inside the truck to achieve the best weld on the remaining joints. This method is easier, but doesn’t ensure that all joints can be properly welded. This is at the complete discretion of customer/installer.

**The parts in this kit are pre-cut and notched to fit. However, some trimming and grinding may have to be done for a proper fit.

**Use this illustration as a reference for installation.

Tacoma In-Cab Cage Kit

Tacoma In-Cab Cage Kit

  1. Remove both front seats and center console from vehicle. Remove rear seat and seat belts. Pull carpet back from all corners. Remove rear seat support.
  2. Place the B and C Pillar hoops into the cab. The C-Pillar is placed against the rear wall and the B-Pillar hoop is placed behind the front seats. Place the 4 stringers between the hoops and strap the hoops together using ratchet straps or bungee cords. Tack-weld stringers between the B and C-pillars.
  3. Place the A-pillars on their respective sides and align the top notches against the B-Pillar hoop. Using the center runner as a guide, place the front center cross bar between the A-Pillars, near the top of the windshield. Grind any necessary joints to ensure a tight fit in the cab and a tight joint at each weld.
  4. Check to be sure all weld-joints are tight and all items in the truck function, such as seat belts, window cranks, seats, glove box, etc. Tack weld the A-pillars to the B-pillar and the front center cross bar. Tack-weld the center runner in place.
  5. Slide the foot plates under each tube (6) where it meets the floor. If possible, we recommend that every plate use all 4 bolt holes. However, it may not be possible on the C-Pillar mounting points. Trace the outline of each plate on the floor with a marker and remove the foot plates. From under the vehicle, reference where the holes will be drilled. Be sure that the holes will not interfere with body mounts or anything else. Adjust the foot plate locations if necessary.
  6. Place the foot plates back into the vehicle and reference the hole locations for drilling. Remove the plates and drill all necessary holes in the floor. We recommend using spray paint or bed-liner to seal the bare metal surface around the holes to prevent corrosion.
  7. Weld the cage together. We highly recommend using one of the methods mentioned in the beginning of these instructions to ensure that all weld joints receive a complete weld. We also recommend the use of welding blankets and/or shields to protect the interior of the vehicle. At whatever time appropriate, install the foot plates with the provided hardware and weld to the tubes.
  8. Paint the cage. Notch the rear seat support to fit the C-pillar hoop. Re-install all interior parts, the carpet will need to be cut to fit the tubes. Make sure the cage mounting hardware is tight.


 Assembled Pics: