Brian's Pickup

Brian’s Pickup

One of our latest projects is a custom suspension and frame on a ’92 standard cab pickup. 17″ Bilstein coil overs were used in conjunction with a custom built 3-link set up. Due to set up constraints, the rear half of the frame was removed and replaced with custom D.O.M. tubing frame rails.

The factory rear axle is located with 1.5″ and 1.75″ D.O.M. tubular control arms and hand built bracket assemblies. The suspension was engineered to offer a large amount of travel yet handle well on the street. The rear frame was incorporated with a roll bar and the rear bumper. Custom mounts were also built to house a 15 gallon aluminum fuel cell and a Warn M8000 winch. Off Road Solutions also performed a solid axle conversion leaf sprung setup on the front of this vehicle. This project looks great but is far from finished. Keep posted for future developments as we finish the tubular work and convert the front end to a 4-link coil over setup. Look forward to seeing this truck on the trail this coming season.

This pickup is now equipped with an exo-cage to protect the truck and passengers. The main hoop behind the cab was tied in with a smaller hoop just in front of the windshield wipers. A front bumper was also fabricated to protect the winch and prevent end-over-end rollovers. This tubular bumper is simple but strong enough to handle the roughest trails. The front axle and leaf spring setup has been removed in anticipation an FJ-80 Land Cruiser axle. This axle comes complete with a high pinion diff and Toyota electric locker for when that extra traction is needed. Custom coilovers will hold the truck up and provide excellent front-end flex to match the rear.