I’ve run an ORS harness in my FToy for almost 10 years now without ever having an issue with wiring…great products!

Jim from Tennessee

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to look over my ewd’s for the A/C. It was a big load off my mind to know that I was on the right track. Otherwise, I would have gone nuts trying to figure out where I went wrong. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to help, and appreciate that much more that you did.

I can’t even imagine how difficult this whole swap would have been without stumbling across your website. Thank you for the great service that you’ve provided.


Wow, you guys really cover everything! That’s great, thanks again.

Scott from BC Canada

First off, thank you all for continuing to be an amazing company to work with. Your customer service is unmatched. I really appreciate your product support, and the products you produce. So thank you again.

Aiden from VA

I want to say thanks to you and everybody else that works there for your help with the 3.4L swap. I love it so far. Thanks again for your help and I hope to see you guys out on some trails.

Kevin from Colorado

Guys, Seriously with all of My being, Thank You a Million Times Over, You guys have helped My Frankenstein Dream come to life through all of your efforts.

Desmond from New Jersey

Very easy swap, WAYY too much power in a little 2wd truck!!! I think I am going to put the blower on a 4wd truck the next time I do one of these swaps. Thanks for all of your help.


I could see that you and yours were a different breed. Your website alludes to the Father being your focus. That made me really like you guys. Finally someone with a proper ethic behind their work…

Mike from Colorado

You guys are awesome! I read posts about how great y’alls customer service and tech support is, I always agree with them too.


Great local shop, good work. I would recommend this company to friends!

John from Colorado

I just wanted to let you know that I finished my install of my 3.4, and it turned out great. We entered our first race, 500 miles in Reno, and the truck was performing awesome. Until we nose dived the truck off a 6 foot razor back and took out our rear spring bushings. The engine was steady strong well built. Just wanted to say thanks for all your info and making a awesome product. Awesome products.

David from Oregon

I got the harness last week and I was impressed. The detail and connections are well done. You have earned my loyalty as I know first hand about your attention to detail and workmanship! Thanks for everything!

Kevin from Colorado

I just wanted to let y’all know I received my harness yesterday… Everything looks GREAT! I really appreciate the detailed description on each piece of green tape. Thanks a ton!

Wes from Mississippi

I purchased your Full 3.4 conversion kit, put 10,000 miles on it and just got my truck certified here in California the first trip to the referee. No CEL’s or any other issues. Thanks!

Nathan from California

Hey Mike, I just thought I’d thank you for all you’ve done for me these past few months or so…I finally got my runner up and running, and everything is running real good. The speed I got from this new engine is incredible.

THANKS A LOT! Well, I’ll be looking forward to future business with you!

Rodd from Hawaii

Just wanted to say thanks for an absolutely amazing easy to install product!

Blathan from Kansas

I would highly recommend Off Road Solutions to anyone. They do extremely high quality work, with a very high level of technical expertise.

Joe from Colorado

You will always be known as a leader in this community and for the quality of products and services you have provided – truly top of the industry.

Jason from Colorado

You guys have been so helpful and nothing but reliable. Awesome customer service.

Charles from California

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! You guys put together one of the best harnesses I have seen in a long time!! The instructions were so good I think my sister could have done this swap!! The money spent was well worth it!! I had the harness in, wired and the engine fired in about 45 minutes. You saved me at least 20 hours plus the headache of trying to find those connectors.

Jonathan from California

You all are the absolute best company to work with! Thanks!

Donnie from Idaho