Frame Bracket Set

3.4L (5VZ-FE) Conversion Frame Bracket Set for ORS 3.4L Performance Motor Mounts

’86-’95 4X4 & 4Runner Frame W/UCA Mounts
Installation notes

This kit should include the following:

  • 2x Frame plate, large
  • 2x Frame plate, small
  • 2x Tab, longer
  • 2x Tab, shorter

NOTICE TO CUSTOMER: The final fit of the engine is the sole responsibility of the installer. The installer is responsible for test fitting the engine prior to fully welding these mounts to the vehicle frame. If there is a problem with the engine mounts, it must be addressed with Off Road Solutions prior to welding. Read and fully understand these instructions before beginning.

NOTE: These engine mounts are designed to place the drivetrain in the same location as the 3.0L drivetrain. A V6 or turbo 4-cylinder transmission is required for use with the 3.4L engine. If using a 3.0L transmission and transfer case, a transmission crossmember from a 3.0L application (or aftermarket) will be needed; the 22R version will not work. This crossmember can also be fabricated. Required drive-line lengths will also change during this swap. If using a 3.0L transmission and transfer case, 3.0L drive-lines will also work.

  • This installation should be done w/ the engine out of the vehicle. Be sure to shield all components from cutting/welding debris.
  • The Upper Control Arm (UCA) mounts must first be cut to accommodate the new frame plates. These cuts are parallel with the side of the frame. The provided frame plates make a good template for cutting. See illustrations below.
    Frame Bracket Set

    Driver Side

    Frame Bracket Set

    Passenger Side

  • Weld the provided plates into place. The large plate will be against the frame and cover most of the created “hole”. The smaller plate will be perpendicular at the rear end of the larger plate, covering a smaller hole. See illustration below (tabs not installed yet).

    Frame Bracket Set

    Frame Bracket

  • Bolt the mount tabs to the engine mounts (already on engine). The passenger (RH) side will use the longer tabs. Place 1 thin washer between the mount and 1 tab. This will provide some needed “working” space to remove/install the engine once the tabs are welded.
  • Set the engine into the engine bay. Temporarily bolt the transmission to the engine.
  • Check clearance against the oil pan, steering, exhaust, firewall, heater valve, radiator/fan, etc. Adjust as necessary and tack-weld the tabs to the frame plates. Carefully check all these clearances again.
  • Carefully remove the engine. Now that the tabs are fixed to the frame the transmission may have to be removed first. Shield all components.
  • Install spacers (stacked washers work well) snugly between the tabs. Install a bolt through the tabs and lightly tighten. Fully weld the tabs to the frame plates. Add a gusset to the front tab if desired. See illustration above.
  • Clean and paint the bracket area.