Manual Hub Conversion

FAQ: Manual Hub Conversion


[toggler title=”Why is ORS’s kit better than the competition?”]

Our competition does not include new wheel bearings in their manual hub conversion kits. Contrary to what is said, these bearings are NOT re-useable and must be replaced for safety when doing this swap. Our kits also come with the large snap rings that retain the wheel bearings, which are often destroyed during the swap.

Our kits also come standard with replacement axle shafts. In some cases these shafts are required, in others they are just nice to have. When separating the OEM axle shaft from the OEM outer CV joint, the OEM retainer spring-clip will often “seize” in place. This requires an enormous amount of force to separate the 2 pieces. This force often strips the splines from the end of the axle shaft. We offer replacements in our kits to avoid this hassle.

We are also the originators of the Manual Hub Conversion Kit on these models. This means we have more experience than anyone at providing this quality kit.[/toggler]

[toggler title=”Why can’t I just get used hubs from a junkyard like I can on older models?”]

The hub/bearing setup is an entirely new design on the ADD vehicles. The hub and axle are splined together and cannot spin independently of each other. For this reason the axle and the hub are changed.[/toggler]

[toggler title=”Why don’t you have inner joints for my Tacoma with long travel?”]

The inner joints required for long-travel systems are from a ‘99-‘06 Tundra. These were a unique joint not used in other applications. Due to low demand these joints were not built in the aftermarket and can only be found used or new through Toyota.[/toggler]

[toggler title=”Will my MPG average increase?”]

In our opinion gas mileage is not a big reason for doing this swap. You may see a 1-2 MPG improvement.

The real reason for the design of this kit was to save you wear and tear on the CV axles/boots/etc. Our kit allows these important components to no longer spin when you drive in 2wd, saving A LOT of daily mileage on them, and extending their lifetime. Another benefit of the kit is that if you were to break something on trail, you can disengage that axle and drive away safely (in most cases) without breaking it further or getting completely stranded on trail. This means you can get home and fix the issue in the convenience of your garage vs. being on trail doing a mandatory fix.[/toggler]

[toggler title=”Is ORS going to make a manual hub kit for the newer vehicles?”]

Right now we do not have a kit for the newer vehicles. We are not working on a kit for them currently either. We will be looking into the possibility of building them in the somewhat near future. If we make a kit, we will update our website with them immediately along with sending out an e-mail to our mailing list.[/toggler]

[toggler title=”Do the high angle boots fit the newer models?”]

We have not tried them on the newer vehicles and cannot guarantee fitment.[/toggler]