3RZ-FE Conversion High Pressure Fuel Hose

ORS 2.7L (3RZ-FE) Conversion High Pressure Fuel Hose (ORS-EC125)

ORS 3RZ-FE Conversion High Pressure Fuel Hose
Installation notes
For 3VZ-E and 22R-E models

Note: The original 22R-E or 3.0L fuel pump (in-tank) normally works well with the 3RZ engine and can be left in place. Also, be sure to purge fuel hose w/ compressed air before installation.

  • The original fuel supply line (high pressure from fuel tank/pump) enters the engine bay on the passenger side frame rail (on fuel injected models). At this point, there should be a female to female fitting (union). This union is necessary. In some cases, this union was not present as the fuel hose connected via a female fitting. If needed, this fitting can be found through Toyota or ORS, PN 90404-14014. Union installed on fuel line pictured below:

    Fuel Line Union

    Fuel Line Union

  • Remove the original 3RZ high pressure inlet fuel hose from the 3RZ fuel filter (on LH-side of engine block) and discard. Install the provided banjo fitting in place of the original hose, on the fuel filter, using the provided gaskets and original banjo bolt. Tighten the banjo bolt.
  • Install the provided blue adapter into the union on the original fuel supply line. Note the orientation of the fitting; it is a compression fitting with different threads at each end. Tighten the adapter fitting.
  • From the fuel supply line adapter, route the fuel hose along the firewall above and behind the engine to the banjo fitting on the filter. Install and tighten the fuel hose to the adapters at each end.
  • Use the closed clamps provided with the hose to secure the high-pressure fuel hose away from heat and sharp edges.
  • Route the fuel return hose from the fuel pressure regulator to the original fuel return line on the firewall, near the RH rear side of engine. Using hose clamps, secure the return hose at both ends. If this hose was not purchased through ORS, 1/4” fuel-injection hose works well.