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The ORS Manual Hub Conversion Kit is recommended when lifting the front of your ’95-’04 Tacoma, ’96-’02 4Runner, or ’00-’06 Tundra to prevent excessive CV boot and joint wear. This kit can be used with all ADD and ABS systems. The kit includes new axle shafts, outer CV joints, hubs, seals, Toyota wheel bearings, Warn Premium lockouts (Full Kit only), grease, boot clamps, and all necessary hardware. New CV boots are not included, they are also available through Off Road Solutions.  However, original CV boots can be re-used with this kit. Please read our technical article for more information.

The Basic Kit does not include the Warn lockouts; Aisin or Mile-Marker lockouts can be used instead.

*The Tacoma and Tundra Manual Hub Conversion kits are currently equipped with re-manufactured axle shafts (bars). These shafts may have small and necessary repairs made to the retention clip splines (non-load bearing splines).*

Please allow 5-7 days for order completion.

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2 reviews for ORS Manual Hub Conversion Kit

  1. Tim Fisher

    Very complete kit. Lifted truck now rolls smooth on the highway. CV axles and wheel bearings were probably overdue for replacement anyway. Installed the kit myself using a 50 ton press at work to do the hub work. tricky part if figuring out how to support the knuckle.

  2. Will

    I’m really happy with the conversion. Everything required is in the kit and the shop that did my install was able to call ORS and get some pointers during the work. I have 2.5″ Bilsteins and this conversion got rid of all CV rumble- very smooth on the highway now. It’s nothing to get out and lock my hubs for the small percentage of time off-road. Installing this kit made me happier with the truck, so it was worth every penny. I’m 2500 miles post-install. Two thumbs up.

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