Mike Caskey on Upper Proving Grounds

2001 Cruise Moab

May 2nd – 6th: Each year, Toyotas gather in Moab for the TLCA Cruise Moab. The Land Cruiser Association puts on this event, but it is not limited to Land Cruisers. Many pickups and 4Runners were there sharing in the fun. We headed out on Thursday and stayed in the Slickrock campground. On Friday we headed up Prichett Canyon. This trail has a lot of fun obstacles including the Rocker Nocker and the Rock Pile. There were many more Toyotas in front and behind of us on the trail. There was even a group of Hummers heading down the trail. The drive out at the end of trail is a long one, but the trail is definitely worth running. On Saturday our group went out to run Upper Proving Grounds. As the name suggests, this trail is one of the hardest in Moab. The trucks did well on this trail. After only two broken birfields, everyone winched up the near vertical wall at the end and finished the trail. The event was over on Sunday, so we started back for Colorado and arrived in time to eat dinner and relax.