22R Performance Engine Mount Set


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We are offering this indestructible performance engine mount set for the Toyota 22R & 22RE engines. These mounts are made from ¼” laser cut steel, incorporate an oversized 2” polyurethane bushing set, and utilize 5/8” grade-8 hardware. These mounts bolt directly to your engine block, while the through-bolts will utilize brackets that are welded to your frame*. They eliminate all original mounts/brackets on the engine block and the frame.

These ORS mounts are much stronger than the original mounts. They will eliminate almost all drivetrain “wrap”, allowing for a faster throttle response and less drivetrain slop. They are also ideal for the ‘wheeler who likes to turn his/her rig upside-down, or jump their rig. Along with this, all “normal” drivetrain vibrations are translated to the cab a little more, so the customer will “feel” the engine a little more than with the Toyota mount setup. However, these mounts are still smooth enough for daily driving in most cases.

This engine mount set is great for buggy and custom applications, along with use in stock 22R or 22RE equipped vehicles.

*Application-specific frame tabs are sold separately and are only currently available for ‘79-‘85 4×4’s.



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