Complete Rear-Sump Oil Pan Conversion Kit, 3RZ-FE


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The 3RZ-FE (2.7L) found in Tacomas, and 4Runners have an oil pan sump in the front of the engine. This prevents the installation of this engine into any previous generation Truck/4Runner. When performing the 3RZ-FE conversion it is necessary to convert the pan, sump, and dipstick setup to the rear. This kit fits ‘79-‘85 4WD, 2WD truck, and SAS applications.

This kit includes all the parts needed to complete the rear sump conversion. Genuine NEW Toyota parts (from the proper T100 application) include: oil pan, sump, sump gasket, pan gasket maker, dip-stick, dip-stick tube, and sensor plug w/ hardware. Also included are a tap and plug to seal the original dip stick tube hole.

This oil pan kit is also useful when performing a solid-front-axle swap (SAS) on a Tacoma/4Runner with the 2.7L 3RZ-FE, for steering component and axle housing clearance.


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