Complete Rear-Sump Oil Pan Conversion Kit, 3.4L


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The 3.4L 5VZ-FE found in Tacomas, Tundras and 4Runners have an oil pan sump in the front of the engine. This prevents the installation of this engine into any previous generation Truck/4Runner/T100, due to suspension and steering clearance. When performing the 3.4L conversion it is necessary to convert the pan, sump, and dipstick setup to the rear. This kit includes all the parts needed to complete the rear sump swap-over. Genuine NEW Toyota parts (from the proper T100 application) include: oil pan, sump, sump gasket, pan gasket maker, dip-stick, dip-stick tube, tube adapter, and tube O-ring. Also included are a tap and plug to seal the original dip stick tube hole, making this the most complete kit on the market.

Although the “’79-’85 4WD, 2WD Truck, SAS” kit is normally ideal for vehicles with a solid-axle front suspension, there is one exception. We have found that the “’86-’95 4WD IFS” oil pan kit is better suited for a ’79-’85 4WD with the original steering system and 0-3″ of suspension lift.

This oil pan kit is also useful when performing a solid-front-axle swap (SAS) on a Tacoma/4Runner/Tundra with the 3.4L 5VZ-FE, for steering component and axle housing clearance.

2000 and newer engine blocks will require drilling a hole for the oil dipstick. For this, we recommend the ORS Dipstick Drill Guide.

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