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If you are installing a Toyota electric-locking differential in your own axle, the ORS E-Locker Wiring Harness is a great solution to the wiring. The actuator on the Toyota E-locker uses a switched motor, which prevents simple wiring. Using a set of relays, our harness will simply operate the E-Locker by the push of a switch. Our harness plugs directly into your E-Locker, preventing the need for any additional wiring connections. This harness is completely pre-wired, comes standard with a Carling Rocker Switch (like ARB) and is covered with expanded sleeve and corrugated loom for protection. Installation is a very simple and the harness is custom tailored to your wheelbase, selected axle, and battery location.

The following options can be added to this harness:

  • An indicator of the differential’s lock position, built into the switch or a separate LED indicator
  • An indicator of the differential’s lock position, using the OEM light in the instrument cluster, Tacoma and 3rd generation 4Runner (please call)
  • The use of an OEM Toyota Differential Locking switch

This product is built per order, please allow 4-6 weeks for order completion.

Notice when ordering: Please include the following information in the “Order Notes” box when placing your order:

From Elocker Donor Vehicle:

  • Model
  • Model Year
  • Indicate front or rear locker (when applicable)

From Your Vehicle:

  • Model
  • Model Year
  • Indicate locker location, front or rear
  • Battery location (if in engine bay, indicate R or L side)
  • Indicate any major wheelbase changes (over 2”)
  • Indicate any suspension lift over 2”

Please call or email for custom applications.

Important: In its original application, Toyota uses a computer to control the operation of the E-Locker. In this system, various inputs are used to control differential operation, such as 4WD mode and vehicle speed. This computer-controlled system is designed for operator safety and differential reliability. When using the ORS E-Locker Wiring Harness, the operator is given full control of the locker operation. This makes the driver responsible for judging the appropriate timing of E-Locker operation.

4 reviews for ORS E-Locker Wiring Harness

  1. Tyler (verified owner)

    I had a terrible time with off road solutions E-locker wiring harness; to start with they forgot my order until I called 8 weeks after I ordered it. It finely showed up and it was pretty easy to install, until it came to splicing a few wires into the hundreds of wires under the dash. So I had my trusted shop finish it for me, and they couldn’t get it to work. So I emailed ORS and they ignored me completely. I’m very disappointed in their product but mostly with their ****** customer service. I will never recommend them to anyone.

    • ORS

      We appreciate your input. Although we try our best to offer superior customer service, we sometimes fail in those efforts. It seems we failed to do that with both your product delivery and your email for help. We are very sorry that you had this experience with our company and understand your frustration. (Customer was contacted privately to resolve the situation.)

  2. Derek Young (verified owner)

    I’ve had my ORS e-locker wiring harness installed in my 2007 4Runner for probably 3 years now. I had a need for the harness when I installed a Toyota e-locker from a Tacoma in to the 4Runner. I haven’t any issues at all. Great product!

  3. Will (verified owner)

    Great product works as it should and great quality!! Thanks Guys!!

  4. Jake Steve (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this harness, and ORS!
    Initial build quality is simply in a different league than every other elocker harness on the market. There is no comparison. I purchased a different one initially, (one of the better known ones,) and returned it as I didn’t have faith in how any of it was sealed.
    5 stars for harness quality.

    Install was simple, and instructions were clear. Unfortunately I had a pair of bad relays in my harness, (this happens – anyone who has done enough aftermarket automotive work has experienced this. If you haven’t, you’re still in your infancy.) What matters to me more was the customer service. I had 2 days before I left for the biggest annual wheeling trip that I plan many months in advance with a nice group of buddies. Harness installed, and the hot fuse kept popping.

    I called up ORS, and Derek picked up. He made it a particularly personal point to solve my problem, and overnighted a pair of relays to me, even though I could have found them locally. When UPS delayed shipment, guess who was in my inbox letting me know he was ALSO tracking the relays? Derek. They still showed up on time, and the harness worked flawlessly. 6 star customer service.

    I’d love to see a few add-a-fuses included, (I used 2 on my install,) with some application specific instructions, or recommended options for tap locations. That would bring a 5 star product to ‘simply the way’.

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