ORS Application-Specific Monster Wiring Harness



The Off Road Solutions Application-Specific Monster Wire Harness is designed for specific OEM applications where the original wiring is in poor condition or simply missing. This wire harness is a great option for restoration jobs or performance/off-road vehicle builds. This is an all-new body wire harness, designed and built to fit much like an OEM-replacement wire harness, with an ORS touch. This means that this Monster Harness is designed for a plug-in connection to an engine harness from certain Toyota fuel-injected engines; these include the 22R-E, 5VZ-FE, 3RZ-FE, 2RZ-FE and 1GR-FE engines. This Monster Harness provides all body wiring circuits and replaces all body wiring from headlight-to-taillight – with the exception of engine wiring and battery cables.

This harness DOES NOT eliminate the need for an ECU (engine computer) and the engine/injector wiring harness; the ECU and engine wiring are still needed to complete the engine circuit.

The ORS Application-Specific Monster Wire Harness is normally equipped with the following OEM body circuits:

  • Power distribution
  • Ignition and start trigger
  • Charging system
  • Gauges (instrument cluster)
  • Exterior lighting – headlight, taillight and markers, brake light, turn signal, reverse light
  • Interior lighting and illumination
  • Wipers/washers
  • Horn
  • Heater
  • Cigarette lighter/acc. power
  • Radio – ONLY memory, ground, illumination, and ignition-ON wires

In some cases, this harness can be upgraded to include options such as A/C or Cruise Control. This harness is constructed to closely resemble the shape and layout of the original body wiring for a clean install, but is NOT an exact replacement nor an exact fit. This wire harness is designed to connect directly to all OEM components, with a few exceptions.

One difference between the ORS Application-Specific Monster Wire Harness and the original body wire harness is the fuse box. The original body wiring utilized multiple fuse boxes, both in the interior and under the hood. The ORS Application-Specific Monster Wire Harness utilizes one large fuse box, mounted under the hood, that houses all the fuses and relays. This makes for a clean look and simple access to fuses/relays. Please note that our one-piece design, which allows a cleaner and simpler wire harness, does create a more challenging installation. When installing this wire harness, the entire interior portion of the wire harness must be passed from the engine bay through the opening in the firewall. This is difficult and tedious, but can be done.

This wire harness is normally built for ’79-’83 Pickups or 40-series Land Cruisers using a fuel-injected engine. This is done one of two ways:

  • ORS Engine Harness Connection – Off Road Solutions offers all-new engine wire harnesses for the 22R-E, 5VZ-FE, 3RZ-FE, 2RZ-FE and 1GR-FE engines. The ORS Application-Specific Monster Harness can be built to make a direct plug-in connection to the ORS Engine Wiring, providing all-new vehicle wiring and full plug-in connections throughout the vehicle. The ORS Engine Wire Harness will contain the majority of the fuel-injection circuit, but the Monster Wire Harness will provide necessary components (for fuel injection) such as ignition switch, start circuit, power source, gauges, etc. via the direct plug-in connection. NOTE: This only applies to an ORS Engine Harness built specifically for an ORS Monster Harness.
  • Donor/OEM Engine Harness connection – The ORS Application-Specific Monster Wire Harness can be built for plug-in connection to the OEM/used donor wiring for the following engines: 22R-E, 5VZ-FE, 3RZ-FE and 2RZ-FE. In this case, this Monster Harness would be taking the place of an Adapter Conversion Harness in the engine swap – providing the portion of the fuel injection circuit normally built into the body wiring; and working with the used/OEM donor wiring to complete the fuel injected circuit.

In either case, an engine ECU is still required and normally provided by the customer.

Note: For non-fuel-injected applications, contact ORS for pricing.

One obscure benefit of using an ORS Engine Harness with the Monster harness is the ability to easily swap to a different engine in the future. The ORS Engine Harness-to-Monster Harness connections are the same for all ORS engine harnesses, meaning the ORS Engine wiring is interchangeable. For example, a Monster Harness built to work with an ORS 22R-E engine harness could also be used if upgrading the vehicle to 3RZ-FE by simply purchasing the ORS 3RZ Engine Harness and plugging it directly into the original Monster Harness.

The ORS Application-Specific Monster Wire Harness will utilize all-new wire supply, terminals, connectors, etc. However, in many applications, a few core connectors are required from customer’s original body wiring due to un-availability of certain connector housings; in order to retain a plug-in design. In this case, the customer will be contacted with a specific core-connector request after an order is placed. This wire harness will be complete and ready to install with all wiring terminated, routed and covered.

This wire harness covers all vehicle body wiring with the exception of battery cables and engine-to-chassis ground cables.

Some additional wiring circuits can also be added to the ORS Application Specific Monster Harness for an additional charge, such as aftermarket lighting. If interested in additional circuits not listed, contact ORS for availability.

The ORS Body-Replacement Monster Harness is currently offered for the following applications:

  • 1979-1983 Toyota Pickup/Truck (call for Trekker or RV applications)
  • Toyota 40-series Land Cruiser – based on 1975 FJ40

When a component or layout/routing detail does not seem to match up to a customer’s specific vehicle, the customer will be responsible for changing components or their setup to match the ORS wire harness.

The 40-series Land Cruiser version is based on a 1975 FJ40 with regard to Layout/Routing and component connections. When this harness is used on a 40-series Land Cruiser of a different year or engine orientation, the customer will be responsible to match components/layout to a 1975 FJ40 model to match the ORS wire harness. The fuse box in the FJ40 application will be located on the LH Inner fender-well under the hood, this location cannot be changed.

The fuse box in the 1979-1983 Toyota Pickup will be located on the RH inner fender-well, under the hood, this location cannot be changed.

This wire harness will include a pre-bent bracket to mount to the inner fender, under the hood, with a bolt-in flange for the fuse box. This is raw steel and un-painted and will need to be painted/finished.

This wire harness is custom-built per order, expect completion in 5-8 weeks, provided all necessary information and core connectors are provided in a timely manner.

From the Donor Vehicle/Engine:

  • Engine
  • VIN
  • Engine ECU Part Number (8966x-xxxxx)
  • OEM/Used Donor Connection Type – Engine Wiring Part Number (82121-xxxxx)
  • Model
  • Model Year
  • 4WD or 2WD
  • Manual or Auto Transmission (originally)

Recipient Vehicle:

  • Model
  • Model Year
  • Original engine
  • Transmission in use
  • Shifter type/application (A/T)
  • 4WD/2WD
  • If 4×4, what Transfer case in use
  • Clutch Start Safety Circuit Desired? (must depress clutch pedal to crank engine)
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor in use (cable or electric)
  • Where EVAP Canister location
  • Battery Location
  • Instrument Cluster/Gauge type
  • OEM Floor Gauges in use? 1979-1983 Pickup ONLY
  • Seat-Belt Warning Light Desired?
  • Brake Switch type/application
  • OEM Ignition Switch in Use?
  • ECU Location
  • Fuel Pump Location
  • Dual or Single-beam Headlights
  • OEM switches for headlight or tail light?
  • OEM or aftermarket headlight, taillight, brake light, turn signal
  • All exterior lighting OEM or aftermarket
  • Accessory Lighting application(s)


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