Manual Hub Conversion

Manual Hub Conversion


Most late model Toyota vehicles are equipped with an Automatic Differential Disconnect system, also known as ADD. These vehicles include ‘95.5 – ’04 Tacomas, ’96-’02 4Runners, ’00-’06 Tundras, and ’01-’07 Sequoias. Instead of conventional manual lockout hubs at the ends of the front axle, this system uses a shift fork at the front differential to engage and disengage the front drive train when shifting from 2WD to 4WD. With this setup the front axles are locked to the front tire/hub assembly. This setup forces the axles to spin, regardless of transfer case position. While the ADD system is convenient for most consumers, there are select consumers that would prefer the options and efficiency that conventional lockout (manual) hubs offer. Another problem with ADD arises when using a spring lift on the front of these vehicles. These lifts place a greater angle on the axle (CV) joints and the CV boots. As lift height increases, excessive wear is placed on these components. For this reason, most people can only safely lift these vehicles 2″.

The Off Road Solutions manual hub conversion places lockout (manual) hubs at the end of the axles. This allows the axles to be disengaged from the hub and tire assembly, no longer forcing the axles to spin with the tires. This eliminates excessive wear on the CV joints and boots. When the hubs are placed in the lock position, the factory ADD system will provide 4WD just as before. Our kit allows up to 3.5″ of lift to be achieved without axle problems. Regardless of suspension lift, it is a nice feature for any late model Toyota, giving the driver more options and reducing wear on the front differential. This O.E. quality kit is complete with Warn hubs, genuine Toyota wheel bearings, and all other parts and hardware necessary to complete the conversion. Our basic kit is the same kit, only sold without the Warn lockouts, for those who wish to use an alternative lockout. New CV boots are also sold upon request. Although installation of this kit is fairly straightforward, Off Road Solutions strongly recommends installation by a qualified professional due to the heavy amount of hydraulic press work.

Our kit includes new wheel bearings. The wheel hub is pressed into the wheel bearing inner race VERY tightly. The only way to remove the hub is by supporting the wheel bearing outer race. This transfers all the force of the press through the bearing to the inner race. This forces the bearing rollers to expand the bearing assembly, destroying the races, and normally exploding the bearing. However, if the bearing remains intact and is reused, it WILL fail promptly. The bearing is not reusable, and new bearings are included in all our Manual Hub Conversion Kits.

Our kit also includes new axle shafts. In some applications, the factory axle shaft will not match the splines of the new outer CV joint, and a custom shaft is sold in order to assemble the axle. In every kit the axle shaft is also hard to reuse. It is retained in the original outer CV joint by way of a spring clip. However, this clip does not release very well. In almost every case a special hydraulic press is required to remove the axle shaft from the outer joint. When this is done a section of spline is “ripped” from the end of the shaft, giving the spring clip less or nothing to retain the axle in the new joint. This is also a procedure that has to be performed at an axle shop. For these reasons, we include new axle shafts to make the conversion strong, reliable, and simple.

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