ORS Monster Wiring Harness


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The ORS Monster Wiring Harness is ideal for vehicles that have no existing wiring at all, and are using a Toyota fuel-injected engine. Essentially this is our conversion harness, plus the entire vehicle’s (save the engine harness) wiring. These harnesses are available for the following Toyota engine applications: 22R-E, 3RZ-FE, and 5VZ-FE. To dispel confusion, this harness DOES NOT ELIMINATE the need for an ECU and the engine/injector wiring harness; they are still needed to complete the engine circuit.

Our Monster Harnesses are ideal for various applications, such as rock buggies, F-Toys, and off-road race cars. They also work well in older Trucks/4Runers/Landcruisers and Jeeps (w/ fuel-injected Toyota engine conversions), that have a faulty wiring system. Our Monster Harness found its way into WEROCK World Champion Brian Ellinger’s F-Toy. See Brian’s harness (pictured). This harness has all the bells and whistles, running many more circuits than the base harness we sell, so if it looks big, that is because it is.

All connections use glued heat shrink for corrosion resistance and a long dependable life. All connections to the Toyota computer and engine harness are a direct ‘plug-in’ and other leads/connections are clearly labeled. We don’t stop there either; the entire harness is covered w/ expanded sleeve and/or corrugated loom for protection. The Monster Harness uses a complete power source, relay, and fuse system that is tailored specifically for your application. What this translates to is more wheeling and peace of mind.

The base harness comes with the engine conversion circuit, switched ignition and starting circuits, main fusible link, charging system circuit, gauge connections, indicator lamps, and fuse panels (power distribution) that feature additional ports for future circuits. The standard switch of choice is the Carling rocker switch (also used by ARB Air Locker). The ORS Monster Harness covers all vehicle wiring with the exception of battery cables and engine-to-chassis ground cables.

This harness can be custom tailored for length and is completely customizable; so if you want a pimp version like Brian, you can get it. Upon request additional circuits can be added for an additional charge. These include: Headlights, Taillights/Turn signals, Brake light, Auxiliary lights, Horn, Radio, Gauges, Winch Control, Etc. Let us at ORS get you and your rig back where they belong: back on the road and back on the trail!

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