ORS Monster Wiring Harness



The Off Road Solutions Monster Wiring Harness is designed for applications where the original body wiring is in poor condition or simply missing; and also for applications such as purpose-built vehicles (buggies, race cars), where no body wiring exists at all. The Monster Harness is an all-new body/chassis wire harness tailored for custom applications using a Toyota fuel-injected engine.

The ORS Monster harness is designed for a plug-in connection to an engine harness from certain Toyota engines; these include the 22R-E, 5VZ-FE, 3RZ-FE, 2RZ-FE and 1GR-FE engines. The harness DOES NOT eliminate the need for an ECU (engine computer) and the engine/injector wiring harness; the ECU and engine wiring are also required to complete the engine control circuit.

When purchasing Conversion Engine Wiring from Off Road Solutions, a “Stand-Alone” Recipient option is offered. This is often the option used for applications with little-to-no body wiring. In this case, a basic electrical system must also be in place to provide these required functions: power distribution, ignition switch, start trigger circuit, charging and gauges. The Monster Harness provides these circuits and can be a plug-in alternative to home-made or universal aftermarket body wiring.

The ORS Monster Harness is offered two formats:

1. Mini Monster Harness – The Mini Monster Harness will ONLY provide the basic circuits needed to work along with engine control. All other wiring, such as lighting, would be added to the vehicle by the customer and done separately. This is designed to be a low-cost option, providing the basic body circuits needed to run the vehicle when coupled with engine wiring (and ECU). The following circuits are provided in the Mini Monster Harness:

  • power distribution
  • ignition switch
  • start trigger
  • charging
  • gauges

2. Full Monster Harness – The Full Monster Harness provides the basic required circuits to work along with engine wiring, along with other body circuits, such as lighting, heater, accessory power, horn, illumination, etc. This wire harness is intended to be a full body harness, headlight-to-taillight. The Full Monster Harness is built standard with the following circuits:

  • Power distribution
  • Ignition Switch
  • Start Trigger and Switch
  • Charging System
  • Gauges
  • Headlight (single beam)
  • Taillight/Marker/Gauge Illumination
  • Brake/Stop Lights

The following circuits are optional, each for an additional charge:

  • Turn signal
  • Reverse Lights
  • Horn
  • Switch Illumination
  • Interior Light (dome)
  • Heater (blower motor)
  • Auxiliary Lighting
  • Auxiliary Power – power outlet or USB
  • Radio Power – Memory, Ignition ON, Ground Wires ONLY
  • Engine Cooling Fan Control

The Monster Wire Harness is offered with one of two connection types:

  • ORS Engine Harness Connection – Off Road Solutions offers all-new engine wire harnesses for the 22R-E, 5VZ-FE, 3RZ-FE, 2RZ-FE and 1GR-FE engines. In this case, the ORS Monster Harness is built to make a direct plug-in connection to the ORS engine wiring, providing all-new vehicle wiring and full plug-in connections throughout the vehicle. The ORS Engine Wire Harness will contain the majority of the fuel-injected circuit, but the Monster Wire Harness will provide the remaining necessary circuitry. NOTE: This only applies to an ORS Engine Harness built specifically for an ORS Monster Harness.
  • OEM/Used Donor Engine Harness connection – The ORS Monster Harness can be built for plug-in connection to the used/OEM donor wiring for the following engines: 22R-E, 5VZ-FE, 3RZ-FE and 2RZ-FE. In this case, this Monster Harness would be taking the place of an Adapter Conversion Harness in the engine swap – providing the portion of the fuel injection circuit normally built into the body wiring; and working with the used/OEM donor wiring to complete the fuel injected circuit.

In either case, an engine ECU is still required and normally provided by the customer.

The ORS Monster Harness has two options for gauge/instrument cluster connections:

  • Universal Electric Gauge Connection – this is the standard option, wire ends, for splicing are provided, giving a complete circuit for the following electric aftermarket gauges – speedometer, tachometer, water temperature, voltage and oil pressure. Note: this option is not intended for aftermarket gauge clusters, only individual aftermarket gauges.
  • OEM Toyota Instrument Cluster – if using an OEM Toyota instrument cluster (gauges) from an 84-95 4Runner or 79-95 Pickup, ORS can provide direct connections for the instrument cluster. In most cases, core connectors must be provided by the customer.

One benefit of using an ORS Engine Harness with the Monster harness is the ability to easily swap to a different engine in the future. The ORS Engine Harness-to-Monster Harness connections are the same for all ORS engine harnesses, meaning the ORS Engine wiring is interchangeable. For example, a Monster Harness built to work with an ORS 22R-E engine harness could also be used if upgrading the vehicle to 3RZ-FE by simply purchasing the ORS 3RZ Engine Harness and plugging it directly into the original Monster Harness.

This wire harness will include one of two items to mount the fuse box, via a bolt-in flange, depending on your application:

  • A pre-bent bracket to mount the fuse box to the inner fender under the hood
  • A flat plate that can be embedded into a flat/universal firewall/dash to mount the fuse box.

Either way, this is a raw-steel unpainted item that will need to be painted/finished.

The ORS Monster Harness utilizes all-new wire supply, terminals, connectors, etc. This wire harness will be complete and ready to install with all wiring terminated, routed and covered.

This wire harness covers all vehicle body wiring with the exception of battery cables and engine-to-chassis ground cables – these must be provided by the customer/installer.

This wire harness is custom-built per order; expect completion in 5-8 weeks, provided all necessary information and core connectors are given to ORS in a timely manner.

The following information is needed to build this wiring harness:

From the Donor Vehicle/Engine:

  • Engine
  • VIN
  • Engine ECU Part Number (8966x-xxxxx)
  • OEM/Used Donor Connection Type – Engine Wiring Part Number (82121-xxxxx)
  • Model
  • Model Year
  • 4WD or 2WD
  • Manual or Auto Transmission (originally)

Recipient Vehicle:

  • Model (if applicable)
  • Model Year (if applicable)
  • Original engine (if applicable)
  • Transmission in use
  • Shifter type/application (A/T)
  • 4WD/2WD
  • If 4×4, what Transfer case in use
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor in use (cable or electric)
  • Where EVAP Canister location
  • Battery Location
  • Instrument Cluster/Gauge type
  • Brake Switch type/application
  • OEM Ignition Switch in Use?
  • ECU Location
  • Fuel Pump Location

Additional Info Needed for Full Monster Harness:

  • OEM switches for headlight or tail light?
  • OEM or aftermarket headlight, taillight, brake light, turn signal
  • Application for add-on parts in use, such as radio, heater, cooling fan
  • Application/type for auxiliary lighting
  • OEM or aftermarket reverse lights


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