EVAP Canister Mount Tray



The ORS EVAP Canister Mount Tray is intended for engine swaps in 84-95 Toyota Pickups and 4Runners, when mounting the donor EVAP Canister under the hood. ORS offer two versions of this tray; both meant to provide a simple surface for mounting the EVAP canister on the LH-side of engine bay. This tray is designed to bolt-on, using holes that will need to be drilled in the inner fender area. The tray is constructed from 18ga mild steel and comes un-painted.

The 3.4L 5VZ engine system was equipped with one of three different EVAP canisters:

  • Simple, round – 1995 Tacoma, 1995-1996 T100 donors
  • Rectangular under-hood – 1996-2000 4Runner, 1996-2001 Tacoma, 1997-1998 T100, 2000-2002 Tundra donors
  • Under-vehicle – 2001-2002 4Runner, 2002-2004 Tacoma, 2003-2004 Tundra donors

The ORS Canister Mount Tray is designed for the “Rectangular under-hood” canister type, particularly the 4Runner and Tacoma donor applications. Many T100 and Tundra donors used a version of this canister that is taller than the 4Runner/Tacoma version and will not physically fit the ORS mount tray.

Note: If using a donor setup from an “Under-vehicle” or Tundra/T100 “rectangular under-hood” application, a 1996-2001 Tacoma or 1996-2000 4Runner EVAP canister can be used in order to facilitate a simple under-hood fit, using the ORS EVAP Canister Mount Tray.

ORS offers two versions of the EVAP Mount Tray:

  • Standard Version – will mount the canister along the LH inner fender, just forward of the brake booster. This is the same orientation as the donor vehicle.
  • Perpendicular Version – will place the canister in a perpendicular position, directly behind a LH-side battery. This version must be used when the recipient vehicle has 4-wheel ABS, optional for 1994-1995 4Runner, and the actuator prevents the installation of our Standard version. This is specifically designed for the 1989-1995 Truck/1990-1995 4Runner inner fender.


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