Fuel Injection Conversion Harness

FAQ: 22R EFI Swap

[toggler title=”What parts are required in addition to the ORS harness to complete an EFI swap?”]

A required parts list in included with our instructions:


[toggler title=”What information is needed to order an ORS EFI Conversion Harness?”]

Donor (22R-E) vehicle: VIN#, Year & Model, 2/4WD, Auto/Manual Trans. If there is any uncertainty about this information, we’ll need to Toyota part #’s to verify, see below.

Recipient (your) vehicle: Year & Model, Auto/Manual Trans, Original Engine (what came stock in your truck), and battery/fuel pump location if not similar to stock.

Pictures: Here are some applications that we have found to be inconsistent w/ published information. We will need the following pictures for the following applications:

  • -1989-1990 Donor Vehicles:
    • There are 2 connectors in the passenger-side “kick-panel”, behind the OEM ECU. One is a white connector and the other is gray. We need a picture of the face of these connectors (opposite the wires).

See core information below.

Providing the correct information is the sole responsibility of the customer. ORS will not be responsible for correcting parts due to mis-information.


[toggler title=”Without a reliable VIN, how can I tell what year/model my 22R-E is?”]

On the harness there is a 10-digit part number that starts with “82121-_____”. This number is printed on a tag near the firewall grommet.

On the ECU there is a number that starts with either “89661-_____” or “89666-_____”.

Your Toyota dealer can identify the model and year using these part numbers. In this case ORS will request these part numbers when placing your order.[/toggler]

[toggler title=”Do I need to send in core connectors/harnesses to have an ORS harness built?”]

Many orders do not require core connectors and many harness are built from all-new parts. However, some connectors have become obsolete and cores are required. The following are applications where core connectors are needed:

  • 1985-1988 Pickup, 1985-1989 4Runner: Core Connectors
  • 1989-1990 Pickup, 1990 4Runner Donor vehicles: The cores needed are the harness-harness connectors (2) that connect the original engine harness to the OEM main or “dash” harness. These connectors are located in the passenger-side “kick-panel” area, behind the OEM ECU. These will be yellow, gray or white depending on the year. We only need the connector housings on the MAIN OR “DASH” HARNESS side of this connection.


[toggler title=”Does it matter if the donor parts are all from the same vehicle?”]

Yes, we recommend that all donor 22R-E parts are from one vehicle. Toyota made small changes from model to model and year to year. Matching an ECU, engine harness and related sensors from different vehicles is possible but can be a mess.[/toggler]

[toggler title=”What should I do for my emissions?”]

If you have emissions testing where you live, check your local laws first. There is normally a legal way to do a swap.

This may involve some paperwork. Be sure to keep all information you have about the donor vehicle, especially the VIN.

Normally you will be required to use the emissions systems from the donor vehicle. This is possible with the ORS harness and the 22R-E emissions components.[/toggler]

[toggler title=”Can I use an automatic transmission with this swap and the ORS harness?”]

Our harnesses are designed around manual transmission applications. However, in most cases an A/T can be used. Please inquire w/ ORS.[/toggler]