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Please read the entire product description before ordering this product.

The OEM 5VZ 3.4L exhaust uses a crossover pipe that ties the two exhaust manifolds together behind the engine, above the bell-housing. The OEM pipe, however, collects on the RH (passenger side). During the 3.4L conversion it is more difficult to route the exhaust system down the passenger side. This is due to brake and fuel lines, the transfer case, and the fuel tank. This ORS Crossover Pipe also routes the exhaust over the bell-housing, but collects both banks on the LH (driver side). This “dumps” the exhaust on the proper side of an older Toyota, keeping the undercarriage free of low-hanging cross-over exhaust pipes. This exhaust pipe bolts directly to the OEM 3.4L 5VZ-FE exhaust manifolds. The ORS 3.4L Crossover Pipe features a small flex coupler between banks to ensure a long life due to expansion and contraction during operation.

This product is for use with original 3.4L 5VZ-FE exhaust manifolds, for performance enhancement, check out our header set for this swap.

The ORS 3.4L Crossover Pipe includes new manifold exhaust studs, exhaust nuts, manifold gaskets, an additional weld-on collector flange, and the necessary collector gasket and hardware to easily continue the exhaust system.

Manifold Style: When ordering an ORS crossover pipe, note the year of the exhaust manifolds being used (normally engine model year). Select either 1995-2000 or 2001-2004 (see the pictures to verify which style is needed).

Flange Attachment: It is ideal for most applications to order the pipe with the collector (lower) flange attached. Here are the few applications for which the flange should be ordered ‘loose’:

  • 1979-1985 4×4 Pickup and 4Runner – due to frame difference and collector clearance
  • Models using a Manual Trans from a 5VZ, 3.4L application (to clear the LH slave cylinder)

Ceramic Coating: This exhaust pipe is constructed from mild steel and is available with or without a ceramic coat. Ceramic coating will offer protection from both corrosion and heat. There are other methods of heat and corrosion protection, but ceramic coat is ideal.

Please note that some ’99-’00 California engines will have the 2001-2004 manifold type. We recommend verifying your manifold type using the above pictures.

This product is not compatible with JDM Japanese-import. exhaust manifolds. JDM engines will require the use of US/Canada spec. exhaust manifolds.

On A/T column-shift models (4×2 RV, 1-Ton, some T100) the shift linkage must be modified for clearance to the collector pipe. ORS offers this modification, please inquire by phone

This product is not C.A.R.B. approved. Since it does not change the flow and principal function of the exhaust system it has passed customer’s Smog/emission tests in California and other states for many years. Recently, some testing CA centers have insisted that the exhaust is routed on the RH side of the vehicle. We strongly advise discussing your conversion plans with your local testing center before beginning a 5VZ engine conversion.

Although the collector flange is placed in a similar location, the ORS 3.4L Crossover pipe will not bolt up to the 3VZ exhaust system. A new down-pipe must be built if joining to a 3VZ exhaust system. Many 3VZ exhaust systems were reduced in diameter near the catalytic converter. We recommend no smaller than a 2.25” diameter on any pipe in the exhaust system.

The ORS Crossover pipe will not bolt up to any 5VZ 3.4L OEM down-pipes. A new down-pipe must be built or modified to work with this Crossover Pipe.

Installation Instructions

2 reviews for ORS 3.4L Conversion Exhaust Crossover Pipe

  1. William Glenwinkel (verified owner)

    Mine cracked completely around the circumference of the drivers side manifold-to-crossover flange. Obviously this created a major leak. I then had to drop the tranny to get the crossover out to weld it back up. Not to mention THIS CROSSOVER IS NOT CARB LEGAL. The REF was up my ass like the world was ending when he saw the ORS crossover.

    • Mike Caskey

      We are very sorry to hear about your troubles with the Crossover Pipe. We have contacted you privately to discuss replacement options and determine the reason for this particular failure. In the install instructions we do strongly advise the use of a flex pipe/coupler in the exhaust system shortly after the collector/down-pipe, to avoid a failure of this nature. It’s also important to be sure the exhaust is well supported/mounted.

      These pipes are not CARB approved and have never been advertised them this way. We have sold them in CA for years w/out trouble, since it does not change the principle design/flow of the exhaust. That being said, we are starting to hear stories about CA referees that are cracking down on the exhaust being on the LH side and insisting people make it work on the RH side. Sounds like you encountered a similar situation and we apologize that you were not warned. To those reading: we strongly advise people visit and talk with their referee before starting this conversion; to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  2. William (verified owner)

    Long term, this crossover has worked great. I regret leaving my initial review as it did not accurately reflect the quality of the product. The fit was perfect and it functioned as one would expect, making it fairly simple to set up the exhaust. I had a crack develope, likely from a lack of correct support or potentially having my flex section mounted too far from the flange, but after welding it up it has been holding strong through some of the most ridiculous abuse ever endured by any of my vehicles. Ever.

    I did have to use the original crossover to the 3.4 and rig it so it basically looked “untouched as it would have been from the rearmost O2 sensor forward on the 96 4runner” to get it to pass the REF inspection. After which I promptly reinstalled the ORS crossover along with the correct O2 sensors and cat and haven’t been given trouble at any smog shops yet.

    It also definitely wasn’t the job of ORS to make sure I did my homework on California’s engine swap guidelines 🙂

    • Mike Caskey

      We greatly appreciate you taking the time to check back in give your input, 4 years later! We are very happy to hear it has been working well for you. Thanks again for checking in!

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