ORS 3.4L 5VZ-FE Conversion Performance Header Set

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This ORS Performance Header Set is designed for the 3.4L 5VZ-FE Engine Swap/Conversion when using LH-Exhaust. This header set is designed for smoother exhaust flow, thus creating the opportunity for increased air flow through the engine. This is designed with for use on an older vehicle with the 3.4L 5VZ engine swap. This set includes 2 header pipes and one Y-pipe (crossover pipe). Each bank collects into our Y-pipe, which is routed over the bell-housing (behind the engine) for a cleaner exhaust system. The Y-pipe terminates in a 2.5” flange and collects both banks on the LH-side of the vehicle, for simple exhaust routing on an older Toyota vehicle.

The ORS 3.4L 5VZ-FE Conversion Performance Header Set is compatible with the 3.0L/ 3VZ version of the R150 Manual transmission, along with all versions of the A430 Automatic transmission. This header set is not compatible with the 3.4L/5VZ version of the R150 transmission.

This header set can be installed with the engine and transmission in place.

Both headers pipes and the Y-pipe come ceramic-coated. This set includes all necessary hardware and gaskets, along w/ an additional collector flange for connection to the exhaust system.

Installation Instructions

2 reviews for ORS 3.4L 5VZ-FE Conversion Performance Header Set

  1. shanemollicone (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, the pictures dont do them justice. A must need if youre trying to benefit the overall integrity of the motor 5VZ and trying to free up additional horsepower.

  2. nicolasvillescas (verified owner)

    The quality of the exhaust is really good, looks like it will give me the maximum performance for my 3.4 with a supercharger. The welds/finish look good, everything bolts up with no alignment issues. I did heat warp mine for less heat soak. THANKS ORS!

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