22R-E Replacement Engine Wire Harness



The 22R-E Replacement Engine Wire Harness is simply a replacement/repair part for an existing 22R-E setup. It is built to fit the engine and vehicle like the OEM harness. This will plug into the related engine, body and ECU connections. This will replace the original engine wiring harness, starting at the ECU, onto the engine and down the transmission. Closed clamps are provided to secure the harness in the same manner as the OEM harness.

If doing an engine conversion with a 22R-E, click here.

There are two generations of the 22R-E fuel injection system. The 1985-1988 generation was designed with a large amount of the engine circuit wiring in the body wiring. The 1989-1995 generation was originally designed with more of the engine circuit wiring in the engine wiring. This means the replacement harness for the 1985-1988 generation is smaller (and more inexpensive) than that of the 1989-1995 generation.

Note: In the 1985-1988 generation, this replacement wiring harness will not include the following connections: air-flow-meter, one ignition coil connection, O2 sensor, one injector resistor connection, and 1985-1986 diagnostic pigtails. These were not part of the original engine wiring and are part of the original body wiring. If these connections also need replacement, inquire with ORS about the ORS 22R-E Conversion wiring harness as an alternative.

The following information from the vehicle is needed for this wire harness:

  • VIN, only if 100% certain of engine origin, OR part numbers requested below
  • Toyota ECU part number (8966x-xxxxx)
  • Toyota engine harness part number (82121-xxxxx), this is found on a paper tag near the ECU connections.
  • Model Year
  • Model
  • 4WD or 2WD
  • Manual or Automatic Transmission, originally?
  • Transmission type currently in use
  • For 89-95 Truck, 90-95 4Runner, front suspension in use (original or modified)
  • For 89-95 Truck, 90-95 4Runner, Indicate if ADD (Auto-Hub) system is in use
  • EGR system in use?
  • Air Injection (AS) system in use?
  • A/C system in use?
  • Do you have an oil light or gauge in your cluster?
  • Is the oil sender/switch connector slotted or standard? (send pic if necessary)
  • Any sensors/parts that vary from the provided vehicle application

This wire harness is built-per order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for order completion.

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