ORS 3.4L Conversion High Pressure Power Steering Hose


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This high pressure power steering hose can be used in the 3.4L Conversion to connect the 3.4L 5VZ-FE power steering pump to the existing vehicle’s power steering system. On NON-ABS vehicles this hose will directly connect the pump to the steering gear. On rear-wheel ABS vehicles, this hose will connect the power steering pump to the ABS actuator.

Vehicles equipped with Rear-Wheel ABS can be identified by the presence of a brake actuator on the RH side frame rail, just rearward of the radiator. This actuator is connected to both power steering and brake lines. See picture.

Note: vehicles w/ ABS systems other than the system described will also use ORS-EC031 (the hose specified for use on vehicles without rear-wheel ABS).

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